Sabrina Peña Young

An intermedia composer, percussionist, author, and obsessive sci-fi buff, Sabrina Peña Young creates mind-bending electroacoustic works that have been heard throughout Australia, Asia, North America, and Europe in media festivals, radio, film, dance clubs, random boom boxes in France - and as not-so-pleasant background music. Critics have described her music as “daunting,” “marvelously abstract,” and “robotic babbles.” Recent works include the album "Origins", released in 2008 and available on CD Baby and iTunes, and the world premier of her multimedia oratorio "Creation" at the Albert Taylor Theater in Decator, Illinois. Sabrina has a passion for writing too, and recently published "The Feminine Musique: Multimedia and Women Today", available at She has also written for the Kapralova Society Journal, Percussive Notes, Panpipes, the IAWM Music Journal, the SEAMUS Music Journal, and various fine arts websites.

By Sabrina Peña Young:

Songwriter’s Secrets: Lyrics

Songwriter’s Secrets: Lyrics

More than Words? Writing lyrics to a tune may seem simple at first glance. How difficult can it be to toss together some rhymes? But the reality is that you want to avoid some key pitfalls when writing lyrics. In this article you will learn some insights into the...

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