Bass Tone

Discover the ins and outs of the sound of the bass in this series dedicated to the lowest of the lows. Upright, electric, fretless, acoustic, amps and effects; tune your ears to all things bass!

Ear Training Site Profiles

Discover other great sites and web resources for developing your musical ear.


Frequency Fundamentals

All sound is made up of frequencies – and all musicians, music fans and audio pros need to know about sound. Find out what you need to know about frequency bands and the art of “EQ” in this sound frequency course.


Get Rhythm

Develop your rhythmic skills and learn to recognise and transcribe the rhythms you hear in music with this tutorial series from percussion pro Sabrina Peña Young.


Hearing Effects

Modern music is full of strange and interesting audio effects, creating all-new textures and experiences. Find out all about the most popular effects and how to recognise them in this series.


Learn to play by ear

Want to learn to play by ear? You can! This series shows you how to figure out songs the natural way.


Listen Close

Learn how songs are put together, what distinguishes a mediocre track from an amazing one, and all the tricks and techniques used by song-writers, musicians and producers to make great music. Develop your active listening skills to hear all this and more, every time you listen to music.


Listen to Les

Les Paul is the only man to be in both the ‘Inventors’ and the ‘Rock and Roll’ Hall of Fame. In this 3-part series we look at his contributions in the realms of electric guitar, audio recording, and audio effects.


Music & Life

This series explores the impact music can have at every stage of life – from the womb, through childhood, adulthood and old age. Find out how music can be useful to parents, teachers, doctors – and you!


Open Your Ears

Discover great new music that will stretch your ears in new directions and broaden your musical horizons.


Pitch & Harmony

Pitch & Harmony introduces the core concepts in ear training for musicians, and teaches you to recognise and reproduce intervals and chords.


Playing By Ear with Brad Mavin

Learn step-by-step how to play songs by ear in this video series from Brad Mavin.


Starting Solfa

Solfa (or ‘solfege’) is a powerful framework for developing relative pitch. Learn how it works and start using it yourself with this training series.


Talking Rhythm

Learn how you can speak rhythms to help you sight-read from the score or transcribe what you’ve heard.



In celebration of Halloween we offer these spooky musical challenges to test your ear and get you in a haunting mood.


Wired for Sound

You don’t need a fancy sound system do effective ear training, but good sound reproduction can inspire your creativity and reveal unheard detail in a familiar recording. This series provides hints and tips on how to get the best listening experience at home and on the move.