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Step and a Half – Melody ear training game for iPhone and iPod Touch

Learn to figure out tunes… by playing a game!
Step and a Half: Melody Training
“I can sing it but I can’t play it!”
“How does that bit go again?”
“I can’t figure out that guitar solo…”
“Uh… do you have the sheet music for it?”
“I wish I could play by ear like that guy!”

Sound familiar? It’s frustrating when you know how a tune’s supposed to go, but you can’t quite hit the right notes. You can get little bits of it right, but can’t quite string them together. What to do?

Well, you could practice your instrument for another ten years and hope it gets easier – but you want results now.

You could use clever software to slow the track right down and try to tackle it one note at a time – but you can’t do that in a band practice or in the middle of a solo!

… or you could download Step and a Half now and make that all second nature.

Step and a Half

See it in action:

Step and a Half is a game, simple as can be:

1. Listen to a tune

Drag blocks to construct the tune

2. Drag blocks one by one to recreate the tune

Correct and learn from your mistakes

3. Check your answer and learn by correcting any mistakes

Step and a Half starts out slow, with short tunes, only a few intervals, and plenty of time to get the answer right. But by the final stage, you’ll be tackling long sequences of notes, using any intervals at all, and getting them right first time, every time.

Step and a Half features:

  • Over 35 levels across 6 stages
  • Gradual introduction of intervals
  • Melodies of varying speeds and lengths, randomly composed for infinite replayability
  • Increasing difficulty from simple to fiendishly challenging
  • A custom mode to target your own problem spots
  • High quality instrument sounds

You don’t need any music theory to get started (though any musical education or ear training you’ve had will help). We suggest our RelativePitch app to start your core interval training, but you can jump straight into Step and a Half too, and the apps are designed to be used in tandem as part of your training.

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Download Step and a Half from the App Store now!

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