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Fix Your Ears

Fix Your Ears and Become More Musical
Email courseThis is an email course
Have you ever worried that your ears just aren’t good enough for music? Many people, musicians and non-musicians alike, think that “being musical” is a talent you must be born with – and that without it, your ears just aren’t up to the task of improvising, writing songs, or playing music by ear.

Through talking to many hundreds of music students we’ve discovered that there are five things which can hold you back from becoming one of those “natural” musicians. The “Fix Your Ears” course reveals these five problems – and their solutions.

What it covers:

  • The five biggest problems which hold musicians back.
  • Easy solutions which anyone can use to become more musical
  • Resources and recommendations to help you put the solutions into practice

Who it’s for:

  • Non-musicians who want to know if they can become musical
  • Musicians who fear their ears aren’t good enough

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Ear Training Crash Course

Ear Training Crash Course
Email courseThis is an email course
The Ear Training Crash Course is a 10-day introduction to the world of ear training, covering the essential “what, why and how” and preparing you to begin your own training. It covers the essential ear training topics such as intervals and chords, and also the methods and concepts you need to tackle any topic and design your own ear training practice.

What it covers:

  • Who does ear training – and is it for you?
  • Playing by ear, and how ear training can help
  • Why ear training is essential, and the top 10 reasons to do it
  • The essentials topics to start with in ear training
  • How you can do ear training and get real results fast
  • Tips, tricks and tools to accelerate your learning

Who it’s for:

  • Beginner musicians who want to train their ears from day one
  • Experienced musicians who want to start ear training

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Online Courses

Musical UOur online ear training courses are provided at our sister site, Musical U.

Musical U provides all the resources you need to let you pursue the exact goal that truly inspires you. You are supported through creating a personalised training course for reaching that goal.

Or to put it another way:

At Musical U you can construct your own fully-customised music course
to suit your own interests, needs and abilities.

Here are a few examples of the kinds of music courses you can create at Musical U:

Play Chords By Ear Courses

Play chords by ear courses

Learning to recognise chords and chord progressions by ear is powerful for almost any kind of musician. It can help guitarists play songs by ear, it can help bass players figure out how to play a bassline for a song, it can help instrumentalists of all kinds to improvise and play melodies by ear.

Interval Recognition Ear Training Courses

learn interval recognition courses
Developing your musical ear starts with improving your sense of relative pitch, and interval recognition is a great way to get started.

Improvise On Your Instrument Courses

music improvisation courses
Most musicians wish they could improvise but many don’t even know where to start. Those who do get started often find themselves trapped in just playing up and down scales robotically. By studying the true skills of improvisation at Musical U you can escape this trap and learn to easily express your own musical ideas on your instrument.

Want a different kind of music course? Musical U can help you too! You can use the goal-setting and planning tools to design your own course using the training modules provided, and get help, guidance and support from the community throughout the process.

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