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The Ear Expansion Course

Ear Expansion is the top online course
to develop your musical ear.

The course modules will increase your musical ability in 10 core listening skills.

Each module includes:

  • The essential explanations
  • Videos
  • Listening examples
  • Interactive exercises
  • … and plenty more resources to help you continue learning

Whatever stage you’ve reached developing your musical listening skills, you’ll find something to stretch your ears in a new direction.

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“Your Ear Expansion course is very useful and I will recommend it to friends.

This course teaches what amateurs ignore and shows good examples of each case. So I can understand more.

This is the best map of Ear Training.”

Tohru H., Japan

“The Ear Expansion course has been really interesting for me to try.

By using the course I hope to continue improving my listening skills and ultimately become a better musician.”

Take It Away— Alex Tucker
Take It Away

“Informative, detailed but not too much superfluous information. Sensational for school students!”

Vanessa A., Australia

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