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Ear Training Course: Audio Frequencies

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Audio Frequencies Module Preview

Audio frequencies used to be a specialist topic, for serious audio engineers only. But these days, every musician who records their own material needs an understanding of the frequencies present in sound.

With audio frequency ear training you learn to appreciate what you hear in a totally different way, which complements your musical understanding and helps you record, adjust and mix music in a more sophisticated way.


  • Hear rich detail in music
  • Enjoy new things in old songs
  • Make your music sound better
  • Boost your harmonic awareness

What You’ll Learn

frequency ear training intro


Watch the introduction video for the frequency module to learn about the two types of people who do frequency ear training and how it benefits each.

You’ll also learn the difference between pitch and frequency, and how frequency ear training lets you adjust frequencies in the mix or on your stereo.

frequency ear training why

Why do Frequency Ear Training

Frequency ear training brings a range of benefits to your enjoyment, appreciation, and control of music.

It provides both concrete skills, such as frequency EQ, and “bigger picture” rewards such as learning to listen to music in an all-new and exciting way.

frequency ear training how

How to do Frequency Ear Training

For many musicians frequency is a new topic, so it can be hard to know where to start.

In this part of the module you’ll find out how to set your equipment up right and learn the core concepts frequency training is based on. There are some simple yet effective exercises you can start using right away with equipment you already have.

frequency ear training tips

Frequency Ear Training Tips

Don’t make blunders in frequency ear training or waste your time doing it the wrong way.

These quick “Do” and “Don’t” tips will help you learn frequencies the right way.

frequency ear training listen

Listen to Examples

With your equipment set up, and an understanding of the fundamentals, it’s time to start listening.

These specially-crafted example clips demonstrate the key concepts you’ll be using when training your ear for frequencies.

frequency ear training try

Try It!

As you start to listen for different frequencies, you can use these simple interactive tests to train your ear.

You’ll be able to hear how adjusting the balance of frequencies affects the overall sound, and you’ll begin to analyse sounds with your ear in a new and different way.

frequency ear training learnmore

Learn More

With the resources throughout the module and these 3 recommended next steps you can continue training your ear for frequencies and exploring the world of audio frequency.

Sorry, this module is not currently available.

However you can explore hundreds of free articles and tutorials about audio here:

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