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Ear Training Course: Audio Effects

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Audio Effects Module Preview

It’s rare for recorded sound today not to have had some kind of audio effects applied as it’s recorded, processed, mixed – or even performed live.

Whether you’re a guitar player setting up your FX pedals, a music producer looking to create compelling mixes, or a musician who wants to create your own signature tone, audio effects ear training gives you the understanding you need to go straight to the sound you imagine.


  • Appreciate subtle differences in sounds
  • Adjust FX settings to improve your music
  • Create your own signature sound
  • Hear when an unintended effect is occurring

What You’ll Learn

fx ear training intro


In the introduction video for the module you’ll discover what audio effects are and why they’re important to you as a musician – whether or not you’re consciously using them!

You’ll also learn the difference between audio effects and sound effects, and have the chance to hear a wide variety of effects in action.

fx ear training why

Why do Audio Effects Ear Training

The advantages of audio effects ear training are more significant than you might realise.

If you use audio effects in your musical life then there are clear direct benefits. But there are also reasons to train your ear for audio effects even if you don’t intend to actively use them.

fx ear training how

How to do Audio Effects Ear Training

There are two strands of audio effects ear training you’ll want to pursue.

Learn about each how to train your ear, using several popular effects as examples.

fx ear training tips

Audio Effects Ear Training Tips

The essential “Do”s and “Don’t”s of audio effects ear training.

Learn these and your FX ear training will go much more smoothly.

fx ear training listen

Listen to Examples

Start tuning your ear in to audio effects with these specially created sound clips.

Piano and guitar sounds are used to demonstrate the impact of four different audio effects which you often hear used in music.

fx ear training try

Try It!

As your ear becomes aware of these audio effects, you have begun audio effects ear training.

Use these simple interactive exercises to test your ability to distinguish different types of effect, and some of the subtle differences between delay effects.

fx ear training learnmore

Learn More

Continue exploring the world of audio effects using the resources throughout the module and these 3 recommended next steps.

Sorry, this module is not currently available.

However you can explore hundreds of free articles and tutorials about audio here:

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