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Ear Training Course: Musical Genres

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Genres Module Preview

As you develop your musical ear, you’ll find you start to appreciate music in new and exciting ways. Genre ear training is about exploring new types of music, both to expand your musical horizons improving your ear further, and to take advantage of your newly-upgraded ears.

You might be surprised just how many interesting new genres there are to discover!


  • Enjoy more music / Enjoy music more
  • Put your ear training to use
  • Wider musical taste and inspiration
  • Describe your own music better

What You’ll Learn

genres ear training intro


Watch the video introduction to the genres module to learn what exactly we mean by “genre ear training” and why it’s an important area of study for expanding your musicianship.

You’ll find out about the different definitions of “genre” and some of the confusion which arises by trying to apply labels to such different-sounding musical styles!

genres ear training why

Why do Genres Ear Training

Genre ear training is about expanding your horizons as a musician. But it’s not just simple “music appreciation”.

It is valuable both for improving your musical ear with new sounds and musical ideas, and for taking full advantage of those listening skills you’ve developed with ear training, to enjoy more music, and enjoy music more.

genres ear training how

How to do Genres Ear Training

There’s an enormous world of music out there, and it’s not enough to just try to listen a bit more widely.

To really do genre ear training properly, follow these recommended steps for exploring in a planned and effective way.

genres ear training tips

Genres Ear Training Tips

These “Do” and “Don’t” tips will help you to get the most out of the time you spend on genre ear training.

They’ll keep you from making common mistakes and ensure you see real tangible improvements in your musical ear.

genres ear training listen

Listen to Examples

These specially-collated musical examples highlight the similarities and differences between musical genres.

Listen to them and refine your own awareness of what constitutes a “genre” of music and how subtle changes to the sound of a song can have a dramatically different musical impact.

genres ear training try

Try It!

There are two fantastic interactive online tools you can use to explore musical genres.

Learn about each of them and how you can use them to begin your own genre ear training today.

genres ear training learnmore

Learn More

There are useful resources linked throughout the module, but these three are the top recommendations for taking your next steps in genre ear training.

Sorry, this module is not currently available.

However you can explore free articles and tutorials about genres here:

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