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Ear Training Course: Scales

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Scales are often a disliked subject among musicians, who are sick of practising playing them! But when it comes to ear training, scales can provide you with a powerful framework of relative pitch.

With scale ear training you don’t just learn to hear the different types of scale like major, minor, modes, etc. but also the musical role of each note in the scale. This makes it far easier to hear which notes are being used in the music you hear.


  • More robust relative pitch
  • Clearer sense of harmonic context
  • Broadened creativity
  • Instinctively know which notes to use

What You’ll Learn

scales ear training intro


Watch the module’s introduction video to learn what scale ear training is all about, and why it’s worth your attention even if “scales” have been a subject of dread for you in the past…

Learn the two types of scale ear training you can do and how they can both help you.

scales ear training why

Why do Scales Ear Training

Read about the four ways scale ear training will help you in music, each of them practical and powerful.

In the world of ear training scales actually aren’t a limiting framework – they can set you free, musically! Discover how.

scales ear training how

How to do Scales Ear Training

Now that you’re convinced that scales aren’t just a painful chore of instrument practice, it’s time to explore how you go about scale ear training.

There are two main ways to train your ear for scales, and each must be practised in its own way.

scales ear training tips

Scale Ear Training Tips

It’s important to plan your scale ear training carefully if you want to see results.

Fortunately these “Do”s and “Don’t”s will ensure you get on the right track.

scales ear training listen

Listen to Examples

Start applying your new appreciation of scales by listening to examples of different types of scale and the different notes within a scale.

Explore major and minor scales, modes, and scale degrees with these specially-created musical clips.

scales ear training try

Try It!

Can you tell major scales from minor? Do you know if a note belongs in a certain scale or not? Can you identify which degree of the scale a note is?

Using the simple exercises in this module you can start to develop these powerful listening skills.

scales ear training learnmore

Learn More

When you want to continue your scale ear training journey you can follow the resource links throughout the module or choose from these 3 top recommendations.

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