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Ear Training Course: Tempo

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Tempo ear training is all about the beat of music. Playing notes precisely and reliably in time, and having a keen sense of when the overall speed of the beat changes.

Improving your ear for tempo makes you a more sensitive and stable musician and gives you more freedom to express yourself musically through changing how you treat the beat.


  • Sound more professional
  • Play well with others
  • Use tempo variations for musical expression

What You’ll Learn

tempo ear training intro


Watch the introduction video to the tempo module to learn how tempo ear training enhances your awareness of the “beat” of music.

tempo ear training why

Why do Tempo Ear Training

There’s one very good reason to study tempo ear training: it makes you sound more professional. A keener sense of the beat and refined ear for changes in tempo will mark you out as a capable musician.

If that’s not enough, you’ll learn several other ways that training your ear for tempo can improve your musicianship and help you get more out of music.

tempo ear training how

How to do Tempo Ear Training

Find out the #1 essential tool for tempo ear training, and the different aspects of musical tempo you should be training your ear for.

Use these exercises to practice tempo for yourself and start applying it in music.

tempo ear training tips

Tempo Ear Training Tips

Keep your tempo ear training ticking over well with these vital “Do”s and “Don’t”s for doing tempo ear training properly.

tempo ear training listen

Listen to Examples

These specially-created musical example clips help you tune your ear in to different musical tempos.

Start from basic fast vs slow and progress to more subtle differences. Listen also to examples of changing tempos and learn the corresponding musical terms.

tempo ear training try

Try It!

Do you think you have a good sense of tempo? Always on the beat?

Find out how good your sense of tempo is and start improving with these simple interactive exercises.

tempo ear training learnmore

Learn More

Continue to improve your sense of tempo with these recommended resources.

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