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Plan Your Training: Choose Your Transport

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So, you know where you are and where you want to get to. You’ve figured out your route. What’s left?

Even with a clear route, you need some way to move yourself from A to B. This is your training methodology, how you actually practice and develop your ears.

This covers things like:

  • How often will you train?
  • How long will you train for in each session?
  • How will you connect your ear training to your regular music practice?
  • How can you tailor training to the kind of music you love?
  • Will you train with other people?
  • What technologies will help you train?
  • How often will you check your progress?

We’ve offered some advice in the past on training frequency and duration, but it’s important to find what works for you.

The number one most important property of your ‘ear training transport’ is that it be reliable: an approach which works for you, day after day and month after month. It’s no use planning a hardcore agenda which you have to give up on after a week!

Design your training plan around your life and your musical interests and you’ll find it will be sustainable and show you great results consistently over time.

Of course here at Easy Ear Training, we’re big believers in the power of technology to make ear training fun, easy and effective. Use your mobile phone or MP3 player to train on the go. Use video games which boost music education. Use interactive sites like Theta Music Trainer, and all the others featured in our series of Ear Training website profiles. We have lists of the top ear training courses and tools. And of course we have our own range of iOS apps and online resources to help you get the most from the time you spend training.

Finally, the last point in the list above is an important one, and often overlooked. Once you’ve begun your journey checking your progress regularly will help you to recognise your improvement – and to adjust your course if necessary.

One way would be to return to our quizzes periodically and use them to check your progress – and adjust your route if necessary.

Seeing progress and clearly-defined results will give you a big boost to motivation and help make sure your transport keeps you moving quickly towards your goals.

So, have you decided on the techniques and tools which will help you get where you want to go? Then it’s time to get started!

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