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Plan Your Training: Where are you starting from?

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Knowing where you want to get to is vital – but almost as important is: knowing where you’re starting from!

Too many ear training students don’t take the time to assess where they’re starting from, or what progress they’ve made.

If you don’t know what you can do now, how can you know if your training is helping? How can you know how far from your goals you are?

If you haven’t identified areas for improvement, how can you decide what to focus your effort on?

We’ve developed a simple “ear assessment” quiz which will help you figure out and record exactly where it is your ears are now. Take this quiz today, and save the results. You’ll find it helps you hugely to decide where to spend your effort in ear training – and also helps with Step 3!

You can share what you find out in the comments below.

Once you’ve found out where you are – continue planning your training…

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