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Chord Progression Ear Training Products

Ear training products to help you learn to recognise chord progressions.

3-Chord Songs and the 4-Chord Trick helps you play chords by ear

3-Chord Songs
and the 4-Chord Trick

The fastest way to play chords by ear is to master the 3- and 4-chord progressions used throughout pop and rock music.

“3-Chord Songs and the 4-Chord Trick” teaches you to recognise these popular chord progressions by ear.

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Popular Progressions - learn chord progressions by ear

Popular Progressions

Popular Progressions teaches you to recognise and identify the most common chord progressions in real music.

A huge number of songs in modern pop and rock music use just three chords. With Popular Progressions you’ll learn to recognise these “3 chord songs” and easily identify their chords by ear.

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Classic Chords ear training album

Classic Chords

Classic Chords builds on the lessons of Popular Progressions, introducing the “minor six″ chord and teaching you to hear four-chord progressions.

These four-chord progressions are possibly the most well-known and commonly used chord sequences in music. Shouldn’t you get to know them a bit better?

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Musical U

Chord Progressions
on Musical U

Musical U is our new all-inclusive ear training solution.
Explore Chord Progression modules on Musical U:

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