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Free Unravelling Music Tracks

Curious about how the Unravelling Music method works?

Download one of these free holiday specials!

Download free ear training MP3s

Halloween Eve’s
Birthday Bash

“Halloween Eve’s Birthday Bash” is a spooky Halloween track to teach you about minor intervals, minor chords, and how sound effects and audio effects are used to create those scary sounds…

Free MP3 ear training download

Halloween Horror 3000

Halloween sound effects can enhance any sci-fi track and “Halloween Horror 3000” uses a combination of freaky sounds (creepy female whispers, alien murmurs, scream samples) to conjure up a scary sci-fi mood.

Download free progressions ear training MP3s

Halloween Robo-Bop

“Halloween Robo-Bop” is a haunted love song which helps you train your ears to hear chord progressions commonly used for pop songs – with some special spooky changes for a horror twist!

Download free Christmas ear training track

March of the
Candy Cane Soldiers

A Christmas special, “March of the Candy Cane Soldiers” teaches about key modulation, chord progressions, rhythmic figures, musical codas and the circle of fifths.

Unravelling Music is simple 3-step method for learning musical listening skills:

Step 1:
Listen to real music tracks
and read some short and simple explanations of the musical concepts in each.
Step 2:
Listen to special extract clips
which demonstrate what you should be listening for in each one.
Step 3:
Listen again to the music tracks
and begin to hear more, and understand what you’re hearing.

Once you’ve understood what you’re listening for, you can simply listen to the tracks from time to time to reinforce your learning and further improve your musical ear.

By using real music to demonstrate the essential musical listening skills, Unravelling Music lets you directly relate your ear training to the music you hear around you every day.

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