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Ear Training Essentials: FREE today!

You love music.

You dream of playing by ear.

Freely jamming with other musicians.

Effortlessly improvising great musical melodies.

And instinctively writing powerful, memorable songs.

… but you just can’t seem to do it.

You look around and see others who seem to be able to do all of these things, seemingly naturally. Do they have a gift? Are they just special, blessed with a talent that you can only wish for?

In fact, the reality is that anyone can learn the musical abilities necessary to be one of those “naturals” – including you. The secret lies not in your fingers, or how much you practice your instrument… but in your ears.

The simple truth is that great musicians have great ears.

And the secret to great ears? A process that has been used by every professional, which has been proven over countless decades and is something you can start using yourself, today.

You deserve to be a great musician.

Reach your full musical potential with Ear Training.

Ear Training Essentials is your all-in-one guide to modern Ear Training.

It is the most powerful way to develop true musicianship and gain that instinctive “feel” for music which gives you confidence and freedom as a musician.

Unfortunately the traditional methods are often boring, tedious… and ultimately they just don’t work!

Ear Training Essentials explains the modern methods, tools and techniques for doing proper ear training, while keeping it fun and rewarding.

The 5 Sections of the eBook will quickly get you up to speed with all the key aspects of ear training, and arm you with the knowledge and resources you need to begin effective ear training today.

Ear Training Essentials Audio-Enhanced eBook

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1. What is Ear Training?

In this section you’ll discover:

  • What ear training is.
  • What it is not.
  • Vital areas in music where you need ear training.
  • The connection between ear training and Playing By Ear.
  • Four key areas of ear training to focus on.
  • How you will benefit from learning these fundamental listening skills of music.

2. Who Needs Ear Training?

This section explains the applications of ear training for different musical situations and professions. Including:

  • The one question which reveals if ear training is for you.
  • How ear training helps guitarists, drummers, singers, studio engineers and more.
  • The impact of age on ear training.
  • 3 examples of top artists who’ve succeeded through ear training.
  • Whether formal training is necessary for ear training success.
  • The Top 10 Reasons to train your ear for music.


3. How to Train Your Ears

In this section you’ll learn different methods and approaches to ear training, as well as insights on how to design your own daily training routine. Find out:

  • The two main categories of ear training methods.
  • Why most people shy away from one of these and miss out on its benefits.
  • The best methods to use in both categories.
  • Tools and resources which will help you train.
  • How to learn how to learn—this is essential!

Readers are saying:

“It gave me much better understanding of what is involved in ear training and the potential benefits.”

– Jeff, singer and guitarist

“I thought it was great. I am an audio engineering student and so I already knew the importance of the why, but I definitely got something out of it in terms of how to practice.

– Jason

“The book is very interesting and I enjoy it a lot.

I love music and I sing in a small choir but never had formal musical education, so it is useful to me.”

– Claudia, singer


4. When to do Ear Training

Within this section you’ll learn how to establish your own daily ear training schedule and how to maximise the long-term results of ear training.

  • How often you should practice ear training.
  • Tips for incorporating ear training into your daily routine.
  • Why and How to combine ear training with your instrument practice.
  • The importance of planning, and how to do it right.
  • Useful apps and MP3s to help you train conveniently.
  • How long it will take to see results.

5. Why Train Your Ears

This section covers the benefits and positive results you can expect in your musical life once you begin ear training. Including tips on how to increase your motivation and develop the burning desire to improve your ears.

  • The relationship between ear training and your inner musicality.
  • The benefits of ear training for musicians.
  • How ear training improves your musical awareness and sensitivity.
  • The unexpected impact of good ear training on the rest of your life.
  • The Next Steps which will get you started in ear training now.


Readers are saying:

“I just finished the ebook and it’s great! I’m really looking forward to digging in and using all the resources.”

– Mikki N.

“As a non-professional guitar player, it really talks to my needs about “feeling” the music, instead of playing “technically”.”

– Assaf A.

“I always wanted to play music myself as I have a violin, but the problem is that I can’t read notes and it really confuses me…

But now after the eBook I found it really easy, and now I can almost play the music in a right way. I really don’t believe it!”

– Nanindo K.

Hans Hansen of The Music Arrangers Page

“This book is really a treasure of information! It’s beautifully written and each section gets right to the point.

I hope many people will take seriously the important advice inside.

— Hans Hansen of The Music Arrangers Page

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