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Frequency Fundamentals Handbook

The Frequency Fundamentals Handbook is your all-in-one guide to the powerful technique of audio ear training. Discover a whole new world of music.

Frequency Fundamentals Handbook

Whether you’re a professional studio engineer, just starting out with Pro Tools, or you’re a guitar player seeking that perfect tone, there’s one thing you need.

It’s not a piece of expensive software.

It’s not a new special effect.

And it’s not years upon years of trial and error in the studio.

There’s one thing that every musical master has, which allows them to craft the perfect sound quickly and seemingly effortlessly:

Golden Ears

What are “Golden Ears”?

Simply put, having “golden ears” means having the ability to quickly, easily and incredibly accurately pinpoint the details of what’s going on inside a sound – and then take action to fix or improve it.

Having Golden Ears is a bit like having Perfect Pitch. It’s so impressive that many people assume it’s a gift you have to be born with.

The good news is: that’s simply not true.

Every “Golden Ears” master has achieved their remarkable ears in the same way.

… which means that you can, too.

How to develop Golden Ears

So how do you sharpen and polish your ears until you possess these remarkable abilities?

Audio ear training.

It’s a special process which opens your ears up to a whole new dimension of sound. It’s no exaggeration to say you’ll never hear music in quite the same way again!

If you’ve never done any audio ear training then you’re probably used to thinking about music in terms of notes and instruments, perhaps recognising some basic audio effects like reverb.

But did you know there’s a whole other way to listen to muscial sounds?

Learn Frequency HearingListening not in terms of notes but in terms of frequencies.

Each and every sound you can hear or imagine is made up of individual frequencies. By training your ears to hear and identify the different frequencies present in sound you begin to hear music from a completely different angle. Don’t worry! You’ll still appreciate music just like you did before, but now with an added depth and detail from your new “frequency hearing”.

The musician or studio pro who has studied frequencies knows:

  • Which knobs to adjust precisely on the mixing desk to achieve the ideal blend
  • What controls on the EQ board will prevent instruments from clashing
  • How to keep harmonics and distortion under perfect control
  • Exactly how to fix problems when something just doesn’t sound quite right

If you’ve ever listened to a track you’ve just recorded or heard a live band performing, and felt that:

  • the sound just isn’t as crisp as it should be
  • that the music somehow seems less rich and detailed than normal
  • that the instruments are trampling all over the vocals
  • or that somehow the music just lacks that certain something, leaving you disappointed…

Then frequency ear training can reveal the problems and provide the solutions.

This is the reason that top studio pros are said to have “Golden Ears” – it’s because they have polished their frequency hearing using ear training exercises to the point where they hear music in detailed precision to a level most musicians are simply oblivious to.

Would you like to hear that rich detail?

To unlock the hidden depths of the music you know, love, and play?

To identify problems quickly and know how to fix them – or even to prevent them from occurring in the first place?

The Frequency Fundamentals Handbook is written by experienced studio owner Fotios Koulakos who has condensed his many years of experience and insight to create an all-in-one guide to the essential skills of frequency hearing.

Holding nothing back, he reveals the secrets, tips and techniques normally kept behind closed doors among the best in the music industry.

In this all-in-one guide, you’ll be able to learn :

  • What frequencies are – and why they matter
  • The specific ways that frequency hearing can help every musician and audio pro
  • How notes are different from frequencies – and how they’re the same
  • The relationship between octaves and frequency
  • Which instruments are the best to use for frequency ear training
  • What harmonics are – and their connection with guitar distortion
  • The tell-tale sounds of all 10 frequency bands
  • The advanced technique of EQ Feathering

The best part? Because it’s an audio-enhanced eBook you’ll be able to listen to examples – from right inside the book! You’ll get to know each frequency range intimately using plenty of carefully-crafted examples designed to help you to hear exactly what you should.

The Frequency Fundamentals Handbook is an audio-enhanced eBook.

Flexible format

Compatible with all your devicesYour immediate download of the book provides PDF and EPUB formats.

So you can read it on your computer, phone, tablet and eBook reader.

No time for ear training?

You can put this book on as many devices as you want.

So whenever you have a spare moment, you can dip in and continue where you left off.

The Frequency Fundamentals Handbook is divided into clear sections, gradually building up your understanding.

Master frequencies at your own pace, at your own convenience..


Audio-Enriched eBookThe book includes dozens of audio clips throughout so you can immediately listen
to what you’re learning and start developing your Golden Ears.

PLUS 3 detailed quizzes with dozens more examples to test and improve your skills.

You can play these from inside the book itself (or listen online if you prefer).

It’s like a guidebook and practical training course rolled into one.

“Oh man! This is fantastic.”

— Mike D., United States

How to hear frequencies

Understanding the idea of frequencies is simple enough, and getting a sense of how they can help you in music won’t take long.

But how can you go from the world of numbers and “Hertz” and abstract concepts…

to something you can actually use?

Chapters 3 and 4 are devoted to Frequency Band Characteristics: the tell-tale sounds of each of the core bands of frequency.

Learn these and you will have a rock-solid mental framework for where frequencies “live” in the audio spectrum. That means that any sound you hear in future becomes something you hear in the context of those bands in your ears and you know exactly what frequencies it contains.

Believe it or not you’ll be able to listen to a recording and proclaim

“Oh that hi-hat sounds bright because it has a boost at 2.4 kilohertz”


“That guitar sounds good…
but if we cut at 300 Hz it will blend better with the bass”

or even

“This mix sounds too dull and small.
Let’s open it up with some air using the 10kHz band.”
learn golden ears frequency hearing

The key to this kind of advanced musical perception is in learning the characteristics of the 10 frequency bands, and Fotios’ years of experience revealed in this book will give you the shortcuts to mastering each and every band in no time.

Plus: Prove Your New Frequency Hearing

Because frequency hearing is a practical art, we decided it wouldn’t be enough to just provide dozens of examples throughout the book.

That’s why the final section of the book is devoted to 3 detailed quizzes which test the abilities you’ve gained. Like the examples, these work directly from inside the book and let you prove your new frequency hearing.

“The Quiz section of the book is excellent.

I like the fact that the author talks you through the reasons for the right and the wrong answers.”

— Alison T., United Kingdom

Who needs this Handbook

This book isn’t just for the serious studio professionals – although many of them will learn a great deal from it too.

Fotios has a gift for breaking down powerful concepts and must-know principles into the most easily understood concepts, so that even complete beginners can use this book to master frequency ear training and develop Golden Ears.

This book is for:

  • DJs, remixers and producers
  • Guitarists seeking their perfect tone
  • Audiophiles who love music and want to hear more detail
  • Studio professionals who want that “magic touch” which only Golden Ears can bring

In short: Each and every musician and music-lover who hasn’t yet developed their frequency hearing.

If you love music and want to truly appreciate and understand the detail present in every sound you hear, don’t hesitate.

Start developing your Golden Ears today.

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“The book was clear and well presented (though a bit American in places!)

I thought it might be aimed a bit above my level of knowledge but I’ve really come to understand frequencies. Great!”

— Graham L., United Kingdom

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