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Introducing Intervals

The easiest way
to real musical understanding…

What if you could play tunes by ear?

Or strum the chords to a song without the sheet music?

Do you desperately want to become a natural, confident musician…
but don’t even know where to start?

Start with your sense of relative pitch.
Start by learning Intervals.
Start with: Introducing Intervals

With Introducing Intervals and the new Unravelling Music method of ear training you can learn the core skills vital to musicianship – just by listening to music!

Here’s how it works:

1Step 1: Listen to the track.

Listen to this excerpt from track 1, “Body Crash”:

1Step 2: Listen to the track examples.

As you listen, read the explanations of what you’re hearing.
Want to learn to hear perfect fifths? Here’s Example 5 for Body Crash: “Fifths Melody”

A “Perfect 5th” is a very common interval in music. Example 5 uses a series of 5ths to create a melody which shows up throughout Body Crash.

1Step 3: Now listen to the track again.

You’ll find you hear and understand much more than you did before.

Could you hear the fifths?

That was just one example from one track.

With the full training album you get:

  • 5 Specially-Composed Music Tracks
    each in a different musical style, from electronica to industrial to jazz, each featuring different instruments and sounds.
  • 22 Example Clips
    which you’ll use to tune your ear into what’s happening in the music.
  • Detailed Track Notes
    explaining: what you should be listening for, how to hear it, and what it means musically.
  • Full “How-To” Guide for Track One
    to show you how to get the most from every track on the album.
  • Musical Scores for each supporting clip
    so you can see what’s happening in the music too.
  • Learn All the Essential Intervals
  • PLUS: Coverage of Chords, Timbre, Audio Effects and Rhythm

If you tried to learn these skills with your music teacher you’d be paying upwards of $50/hour. And you’d probably need multiple lessons before you really “got it”.

We’ve set the price of Introducing Intervals lower than the cost of one traditional music lesson.

And you can listen as many times as you need to to master these skills.

Here’s what our students say about Easy Ear Training products:

“Easiest way to train your ear that I’ve come across.

Challenging, rewarding, and fun.

Great way to improve as a musician or just develop an understanding of pitch.

Can’t wait to finish this review and get back to ear training.”

— Smoothapperator, USA

“Even in my 60s, I now know the way to ear training when and where I can find a little time.

I had given up on “hearing” it until my son-in-law, the film score composer showed me this and IT WORKS.

Makes learning fun.

— Wickline, USA

“Wow! In a couple of sessions, I feel that I can tell intervals and harmonies so much better.

For less than the price of ONE lesson, you get training and can test yourself to find any weak areas for deeper training.

It helps me in the studio when producing and arranging music OR vocals, and I have recognized sharps and flats better.

No theory or previous training needed. Great for those that play by sheet music or from the heart. A+++”

— John, OH, USA

Download the revolutionary interval training album nowBuy Introducing Intervals Now

You can download Introducing Intervals today for just $15. Less than the price of a single music lesson.

Why? Because we know how frustrating it is to feel lost in music.

We want as many musicians as possible to benefit from improving their ears – and we know once you’ve seen how easy it is, you’ll be back for the other Unravelling Music albums we have coming up.

Musical confidence and freedom come from your ears – and Unravelling Music is the easiest way to improve your ears today.

We’re so sure you’ll see great results from Introducing Intervals, we’re offering a 60-day money back guarantee.

If Introducing Intervals doesn’t help you hear more in music, just contact us – and we’ll refund 100% of your money.

Click “Add to Cart” to get your instant download and start improving your ears:

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