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Classic Chords

Are these the most famous chords ever?
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If they sound familiar, that’s no coincidence.

These four chords are used in thousands of songs.

Don’t believe it? Just watch this:

It may be a funny video – but this is no joke!

This is not just a gimmick or a clever trick.

It’s actually a powerful hidden truth of music that most musicians are missing out on.

Actually, it’s not really “hidden”… We all instinctively hear that a lot of songs sound the same, and we’ve all heard a new song for the first time and thought “that sounds familiar!”

But have you stopped to ask yourself what that means to you, as a musician?

Is there some way you could truly understand what’s going on when a sequence of chords sounds so familiar?

Despite the creativity involved in song writing and the incredible variety of instruments, genres and styles of music, these same four chords crop up everywhere. They’re not just powerful, they’re endlessly versatile too.

So if these four chords are so universal and powerful, shouldn’t you get to know them a bit better?

Why these four chords matter to you

Do you spend hours memorising the chords to songs
   … and wish you could instead just instinctively know what chord comes next in a song?

Are you reliant on sheet music or notation
   … and wish you could instead understand the underlying harmonies and so easily work out the notes?

Do you find yourself stuck with scale patterns and theory when you improvise
   … and wish you could instead freely play whatever you want over all kinds of music, effortlessly knowing which notes to avoid and which will sound great?

You may think these kinds of skill require huge amounts of instrument practice.

Or that you need to be born “gifted” to do it.

In fact, these skills are learnable. And you can learn them quickly, if you know what to focus on and have the right examples to learn from.

Have you been wasting your time spending hours practising fingerwork when that’s not actually the path to the natural musical freedom you crave?

Have you been feeling guilty or inferior for wanting to play by ear when you don’t feel naturally talented in music?

What if… it isn’t about having a gift or practising your instrument endlessly…

What if there are actually some simple universal truths to music, and understanding those truths would unlock your ability to easily and instinctively play by ear?

These four-chord progressions are everywhere in music, and by learning to recognise these chords you can:

  • Easily play songs by ear
  • Freely improvise over these chord progressions
  • Feel musically confident as the jumble of notes becomes meaningful and obvious to you

Introducing: Classic Chords

Classic Chords teaches you to hear these
classic four-chord progressions by ear.
It’s the latest album in the innovative Unravelling Music series, which lets you learn and improve your musicality just by listening to music.

The album features real music tracks demonstrating the musical concepts you’re learning, along with specially extracted example clips which highlight what you should be listening for. A short accompanying booklet provides all the instructions and explanations you need, and then you just listen to the specially-composed tracks to develop your ears and build up your skills.

The first two albums in the series, Introducing Intervals and Popular Progressions, have become firm favourites with musicians:

The tracks are STELLAR for the intended learning purpose. Enough complexity to have you listening carefully but simple enough to be accessible and to feel the sense of accomplishment, of “getting it.” Nice!”

— Karla T., USA

“With this album, everything seemed to click! I started to recognize patterns in my favorite songs and even the soundtrack to some video games that I own.

I already have recommended the album to my friends in the band I sing with.”

— Jeff R., USA

How It Works

Classic Chords uses the simple and proven 3-step Unravelling Music method:

Step 1:
Listen to real music tracks
and read some short and simple explanations of the musical concepts in each.
Step 2:
Listen to special extract clips
which demonstrate what you should be listening for in each one.
Step 3:
Listen again to the music tracks
and begin to hear more, and understand what you’re hearing.

Once you understand what each track teaches, you simply listen to these tracks from time to time to reinforce the listening skills.

It’s a bit like having a personal ear training tutor sit down with you and pick apart one of your favourite songs: helping you to listen in for the important parts, and understand what’s going on musically.

Let’s look at an example from the album:

arrowStep 1: Listen to the music track.

Listen to the beginning of “Elton’s Journey”:

arrowStep 2: Listen to the excerpt clips.

As you listen, read the explanations of what you’re hearing.

Here’s the first excerpt clip and liner notes for Elton’s Journey showing how you can follow the progression in the bass line of the piano part:

Use your ears to hear the piano bass line playing the I-V-vi-IV progression (D-A-Bm-G).

Unlike in Lady Robotika where the root note is simply repeated, there are some changes in rhythm and pitches while the chord progression remains the same.

Use your ears to hum or play the bass line. Practice with the example clip, then try to hum or play along through the first half of the song.

arrowStep 3: Now listen to the track again.

You’ll find you hear and understand much more than you did before.

Could you follow the chord progression?

That’s just one lesson from one of the tracks of the album.

When you buy the full Classic Chords album you get:

  • 5 Specially-Composed Music Tracks
    demonstrating common four-chord progressions in popular musical styles.
  • 25 Excerpt Clips
    which teach you what to listen for in each track.
  • Full 48-Page PDF Booklet including:
    • Progression reference charts for each song
    • Detailed notes explaining each excerpt for each track
    • Glossary explaining the important musical terms
    • Full Learning Guide walkthrough on how to practice with this album


  • 5 Looping Vamp Tracks for improvisation practice

    Because so many musicians are interested in chord progressions to jam with them and improvise over the chords, we’ve included a “vamp track” for each of the 5 songs. Put these on loop and practice over them to really reinforce your understanding of the progression and build your ability to improvise effectively by ear.

  • Recap Guide for 4-Chord Songs
    to remind you of the essential concepts.

“What I liked most about the Classic Chords album was the relationship between the written explanation and the audio examples. Extremely helpful.

This is a must do – it has “opened” my ears!

Kathy C., professional piano teacher, USA

About Easy Ear Training

Easy Ear Training is a London company founded to make it fun and easy to improve your ear for music.

Since 2009 we’ve been publishing free material on and creating innovative ear training products like mobile apps and audio-enhanced eBooks to help musicians learn the vital listening skills of music.

Hundreds of thousands of musicians worldwide have improved their ears with Easy Ear Training products:

“Easiest way to train your ear that I’ve come across.

Challenging, rewarding, and fun.

Great way to improve as a musician or just develop an understanding of pitch.

Can’t wait to finish this review and get back to ear training.”

“Even in my 60s, I now know the way to ear training when and where I can find a little time.

I had given up on “hearing” it until my son-in-law, the film score composer showed me this and IT WORKS.

Makes learning fun.

→ Read more about Easy Ear Training

Classic Chords is a professional-quality ear training product created by experts and thoroughly tested by musicians and music educators. We’re proud to offer it as part of our range of premium ear training products.

But because we’ve heard that so many of our students are struggling with playing chords by ear and we want to make the album available to as many of them as possible, we’re pricing it at below the cost of a single music lesson: just $15.

→ Click Add To Cart and check out with our secure online order system using your credit card or PayPal and you’ll get instant access to download the album.

The Classic Chords album is:


We’ve kept the album totally free of restrictions (DRM), meaning you can put these MP3s on any device you own.

Start out listening on your computer, then burn a CD for the car or put the tracks on your iPod to bring to the gym.

After that, put the music tracks on your mobile phone along with your other music, and listen as part of a regular playlist to keep reminding you of what you’ve learned.


The tracks are designed to each work independently so you can train with them in short amounts of time

Practice whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you.

Tested and Guaranteed

The album has been tested by musicians and music educators to ensure it truly delivers results.

And in case it turns out that it’s not right for you: we offer a full 60-day Money Back Guarantee.



We’re confident that Classic Chords will help you get great results quickly.

That’s why we’re happy to offer a 100% 60-day money back guarantee.

If you have technical problems, struggle at all with the material in the book, or don’t find it helps you play chords by ear, just contact us and we’ll do our very best to help you.

If you’re still not 100% happy just let us know and we’ll give you a full refund.


You can be confident about purchasing through our online store.

Secure payment

All our payments are processed securely by world-leading payment providers Stripe and PayPal.

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Great support

If you have any difficulties (technical or musical) you can contact us at any time through our website – or just email [email protected]

Great support with every product


All Easy Ear Training purchases are covered by our 60-day Money Back Guarantee, so if you encounter a problem with your digital product you can contact us for a full refund.


“The track notes were clear and concise, giving valuable information about each track and their variations from one another. Reading the notes and listening to the excerpt clips helped me hear the chord progressions in the main music tracks and connect the progressions to real music.

I recommend this album!

Andrico K., guitarist, UK

Have a listen to the 5 specially-composed tracks included in Classic Chords:

  1. Elton’s Journey: Piano pop rock
  2. Caribbean Canon: New Age Classical
  3. Lady Robotika: Modern Dance Music
  4. Ska-Ha: Upbeat Reggae
  5. Pink Slips and Baby Shoes: Blues Rock

Can you see how practising with this album would open up your ears to understand the chords in music?

Imagine how different your musical life would be if you could:

  • Put aside the sheet music and stop needing to look up chords online before you can play a song
  • Stop wasting hours and hours memorising chord progressions
  • Get rid of that feeling of helplessness and confusion when you try to play a song by ear but hear just a jumble of notes
  • Play thousands of songs by ear
  • Easily improvise great solos or adapt the music creatively as you play it
  • Experience a mastery of music that lets you feel confident and powerful whenever you play

Download Classic Chords today and transform your experience of music with a natural, powerful, instinctive understanding of these four chords that are everywhere in music.

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