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Guitar Ear Training

Guitar ear training

You can do ear training for the guitar and ear training on the guitar. Find out how to train your ear to improvise solos, play chords by ear, and perfect your own guitar sound.

Ear Training for Guitar

4 Chords and the Truth

Play Rock and Pop Songs By Ear

There's a simple concept which lets you play thousands of popular songs easily by ear: they all use the same underlying chord progression! Learn all about it and discover how you can play these songs by ear in "4 Chords and the Truth".

Interval Recognition for Guitarists

Develop your relative pitch on guitar

Intervals are a great way to develop your sense of relative pitch, which allows you to improvise freely, play songs by ear and write your own music. Guitar players can practice interval recognition in a way that best suits the guitar. Find out more in "Learning to Recognize Intervals for Guitarists".

Introduction to Guitar Tone

Find Your Perfect Guitar Sound

Whatever you play on your guitar, you want to make sure your sound is just right. This comes down to your instrument, your amp, your playing technique, the equipment settings you apply and the audio effects you use. Learn what to listen for in the "Introduction to Guitar Tone".

Guitar Ear Training Series

Video Series on Playing By Ear

If you want to learn to play guitar by ear, just watch this video series by professional guitar instructor Brad Mavin, which begins from the basics and builds up to playing songs by ear: "Playing By Ear with Brad Mavin".

FX Pedals for Guitarists

It's a rare guitarist these days who doesn't employ some selection of audio effects to hone their sound and adapt it for different songs. Whether you use guitar pedals or effects plugins, you'll need the listening skills to match. The "Hearing Effects" series is for you.

Guitar Ear Training Resources

note finding practice tracks

Note-finding Practice Tracks

Practice finding notes on your guitar by ear using this free pack of MP3 practice tracks.

Guitar Ear Training Guide

Find out the what, why and how of guitar ear training in this simple guide on leading UK guitar forum TheFretboard.

Topics Related to Guitar Ear Training

playing by ear

Playing music by ear is a dream for many guitarists, but it is a learnable skill, developed through ear training. Study playing by ear to find out the different skills involved and how you can learn them.

chord progressions

Many guitarists want to play the chords to songs completely by ear, not requiring any sheet music, tab or lead sheet. The key is to practice chord progressions ear training and learn the sounds of the most common progressions by ear.

relative pitch

For improvising solos and playing chords by ear, you will need to develop your sense of relative pitch, learning to recognise different types of interval, chords, and scales.

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