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Halloween Ear Training

Halloween ear training

When October rolls around we have a whole range of Halloween and horror themed music education downloads to help you develop aural skills in a suitably spooktacular way...

Halloween Music Quiz

Halloween is coming soon

Take the Spooky Songs Quiz

This fun interactive quiz tests your knowledge of spooky songs... Sure, those terrible tunes are ones you know well - but do you know what they're called or where they come from? Find out by taking the quiz!

Scary Songs

Halloween is coming soon

Halloween Is Coming Soon!

This Halloween children's song teaches major and minor chords and scales is very suitable for this haunted day - download the sheet music PDF and piano MP3 for free!

Alarming Articles

Scary Halloween ear training

Scary Halloween Sounds Party

Scare up your Halloween party with horrendous sounds and songs with "Halloween Sounds".

Spooky Songs

Grab some haunted tunes

Our article "Halloween Songs to Startle Your Ears" is bound to provide some inspiration for startling friends and relations this Halloween.

Learn to improvise horror movie music

Improvisation Inspires Your Spooky Soundtracks

Develop your ears for improvisation and it can provide a musical 'sketch' to start with when scoring a Halloween video clip. Then refine and hone it to match the film perfectly.

Learn tricks and tips for horror soundtrack composing

Tips and Tricks of the top horror film composers

There are particular musical and audio techniques which make a soundtrack scary not silly - we show you some key examples and share tips for creating that perfectly horrible horror movie soundtrack.

Unravelling Music Terror Tracks

Download free ear training MP3s

"Halloween Eve's Birthday Bash"

A spooky Halloween track to teach you about minor intervals, minor chords, and how sound effects and audio effects are used to create those scary sounds.

Halloween Horror 3000 Free music+film education track

"Halloween Horror 3000"

Learn all about how an eerie futuristic Halloween music track is put together with this special downloadable Unravelling Music track. As always you get the main MP3, several supporting track (to help you understand what's going on, musically) and a PDF booklet of liner notes to explain what you're hearing. Download and listen now.

Download Halloween Ear Training Track

"Halloween Robo-Bop"

A brand new track in our Unravelling Music series, which teaches you to hear more and understand what you hear in music. This sad scary love song about a robot ghost will teach you all about chord progressions and 4 chord songs.



Try our three trick-or-treat bitesize challenges. Will you find them an aural treat... or a little bit tricky? Give them a listen and you'll find out!

Articles about Halloween Ear Training:

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How to Spookify Your Songs for Halloween

How to Spookify Your Songs for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner! With scary movies on TV and your noisy neighbor blasting a non-stop horror soundtrack in their yard, perhaps you’ve been bitten by the horror music bug and want to create some of your own spooky songs for this most horrifying of...
Open Your Ears to Halloween Haunt Music

Open Your Ears to Halloween Haunt Music

Halloween is coming, slowly creeping up on us. And now, we are giving you the opportunity to open your ears to some haunted music that will give you thrills and chills. Sam Haynes is a professional composer of Halloween haunt music. He previously wrote a fascinating...
8 Excellent Halloween Music Activities

8 Excellent Halloween Music Activities

It’s that time of the year again! Halloween costumes, crazy and freaky Halloween-themed food and parties — and none of it would ever be complete without some spooky, scary Halloween music… To help make your Halloween suitably musical we have compiled this...

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